To the Altars of Romagna

To the Altars of Romagna
Difficulty Difficulty Easy
Distance Distance 61km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 250mt
Rimini > Santarcangelo > Cesenatico > Bellaria > Rimini

This is the ideal route for a day of active recuperation: 61 km long, with almost no change in level. From Rimini, you head towards Covignano, reaching S. Ermete after just 15 km, on a slightly uphill road (the only climb in this itinerary).
From here, you head downhill towards Santarcangelo, where the “platter” begins: 41 km of totally flat going until S. Angelo di Gatteo, Cesenatico, Gatteo Mare, Bellaria, Torre Pedrera and Viserba.
At Cesenatico, you should make sure you visit the “Spazio Pantani”: a multimedia museum near the railway station which takes you through the career of the famous “Pirate”. Then you can enjoy one of Romagna’s most famous specialities: the “piadina” sandwich. It is no accident that this itinerary is also known as “Pantani and the Romagna piadina”.

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We are located in Emilia Romagna, region bordered by Veneto and the beautiful cities of Venice and Padua to the North, and by Tuscany, Umbria and Marche to the South, offering charming cities such as Florence, Perugia, Assisi and Urbino.

We are characterised by a concentration of adrenaline, traditions and typical cuisine, captured in the most beautiful tours that touch sites on the Adriatic coast such as Cesenatico, the land of Pantani, and reach all the way to Ferrara and Ravenna, cities of art and history, passing through rugged ascents such as those of Cippo and Carpegna, or the Cimone in Modena.

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