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• Leisure Cycling Holidays in Emilia Romagna •

For those who want to enjoy leisurely cycle tourism in Emilia Romagna, there’s a real embarrassment of choice.
Every itinerary involves a journey through scents and colours, surrounded by villages and landscapes of amazing beauty. Take all the time you need to make the most of every trip.

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• Leisure cycling •

Ferrara and Comacchio

Ferrara: the quintessential capital of cycling, a place where cyclists are kings of the road.
Hundreds of kilometres in both city and countryside are given over to the joy of cycling, travelling between nature reserves and the towns of the plain. This constant succession of different landscapes, traditions and flavours is brought together by the presence of water (Lidi, Burana cycleway, Destra Po).
This flat landscape, devoid of hills, is punctuated here and there by crenelated towers, trees or embankments.


Imagine the perfect mix between history, art and culture: the result is Ravenna. This special place not only has splendid natural resources, but also one of the world’s greatest artistic legacies, the famous mosaics.
Exploring these wonders by bike is like living through a continuous story, thanks to the sheer variety of routes and itineraries on offer. Starting from the heart of the city, you can cycle as far as the coast, visiting some of the most evocative places in the Ravenna area.
Routes of natural interest, cycle-tourism itineraries, and dedicated cycle-paths: there really is something for every taste.

The Sangiovese route

If you want to commune with nature and enjoy the landscape at your leisure, the “Sangiovese” itinerary provides the perfect blend between countryside and sport, tradition and modernity. This “gourmet” route leaves from Riccione and takes you through a constant succession of thick woodland, olives and vines.
You can enjoy the wonderful flavours of Sangiovese and its towns, contrasting the ruby colour of SanguisJovis, the blood of Jove, (the name given it by a Capuchin monk from the convent of Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna) to the green of the hills and the brown of the soil.
But don’t be in too much of a rush… the surrounding countryside is enchanting.


• Best leisure cycling nearby •

The wine route
MORE The wine route
Difficulty Difficulty Medium
Distance Distance 56km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 892mt
The Raphael Circuit
MORE The Raphael Circuit
Difficulty Difficulty Medium
Distance Distance 100km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 1200mt
The Grillo Pass
MORE The Grillo Pass
Difficulty Difficulty Medium
Distance Distance 90km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 800mt
Sea, hills and sea again
MORE Sea, hills and sea again
Difficulty Difficulty Medium
Distance Distance 85km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 900mt
Circuit of the Becchi
MORE Circuit of the Becchi
Difficulty Difficulty Medium
Distance Distance 87km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 1100mt
Valleys of the Marche
MORE Valleys of the Marche
Difficulty Difficulty Medium
Distance Distance 78km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 900mt
The river Ronco and Ravenna capital of Empire
MORE The river Ronco and Ravenna capital of Empire
Difficulty Difficulty Easy
Distance Distance 77.5km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 100mt
The hills of Romagna
MORE The hills of Romagna
Difficulty Difficulty Medium
Distance Distance 101,25 km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 1376 m
Castles and Fortresses of the Malatestas (via Colle Giove)
MORE Castles and Fortresses of the Malatestas (via Colle Giove)
Difficulty Difficulty Hard
Distance Distance 125.17 km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 2,224 m

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We are characterised by a concentration of adrenaline, traditions and typical cuisine, captured in the most beautiful tours that touch sites on the Adriatic coast such as Cesenatico, the land of Pantani, and reach all the way to Ferrara and Ravenna, cities of art and history, passing through rugged ascents such as those of Cippo and Carpegna, or the Cimone in Modena.

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