Hotel delle Terme Santa Agnese

Hotel delle Terme Santa Agnese

Inside the Hotel Santa Agnese, in the old town centre of Bagno di Romagna, the ancient roman “Balneum”, set upon the natural hot springs of hyperthermal water from which arose the first thermal baths at the end of Third century B.C., are located a Spa and a Wellness Centre.
Underneath the Thermal Grotto (Tepidarium and Calidarium) are the ancient hot thermal water springs of Santa Agnese. Precious Santa Agnese’s water naturally gushes from the mysterious depths of the earth of the Appennine’s mountains between Tuscany and Romagna, after having fallen down 10.000 years ago. During this long period it enters the subsoil for about 2.000 meters ,warms up and benefits from the healing virtues of natural elements and finally goes back up along a earth crust’s fault. The Hotel Terme Santa Agnese is situated in the old town centre of ancient Balneum and recognised by the Period Residences Association. The fascination that still permeates the complex is unchanged, giving you locations that draw areas of broad and refined elegance

The present buildings can be dated at the second half of Eighteenth Century AD, when Peter Leopol II Grand-Duke of Tuscany actively contributed to modernize The Hotel and Spa, partly using in the Eastern side the surrounding walls of the Castle of Balneum. Today the Hotel Terme Santa Agnese has ninetyseven confortable rooms with many services:mini- bar, satefy deposit box, kit spa. The territory of  Bagno di Romagna is amongst the higest areas of Romagna and it is a border zone between Romagna, Tuscany and Marche. The natural boundaries are limited by deep valleys, windy gorges and rushing rivers. A paradise for the hiker, by foot or mountain bike, location for years of an important cycle race on the passes of Tosco-Romagnolo Apennine, the Gran Fondo del Capitano.

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We are located in Emilia Romagna, region bordered by Veneto and the beautiful cities of Venice and Padua to the North, and by Tuscany, Umbria and Marche to the South, offering charming cities such as Florence, Perugia, Assisi and Urbino.

We are characterised by a concentration of adrenaline, traditions and typical cuisine, captured in the most beautiful tours that touch sites on the Adriatic coast such as Cesenatico, the land of Pantani, and reach all the way to Ferrara and Ravenna, cities of art and history, passing through rugged ascents such as those of Cippo and Carpegna, or the Cimone in Modena.

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