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Cyclosportives, the so called Italian “Granfondo”, are genuine “festivals of the bike” in which thousands of cyclists participate, from competitive amateurs to experienced cyclists. An opportunity to have fun biking, to share emotions and to discover the area.


Saltafossi (MTB)

San Marino to Carpi (Mo) – February 2018

The Granfondo Fosbike is a race that combines flat ground and dirt roads along a 50 km route, with departure at 9:30 AM from the San Marino di Capri sports club and the finish in San Marino at 12:00 PM. An easy route, with technical sections along the floodplains of the river Secchia.
This race is also combined with a nice ecological ride for children between 6 to 12 years of age, together with the friends of the WWF in Carpi – mini Fosbike.

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Granfondo del Po

Ferrara – Saturday & Sunday, March 2018

This is an atypical Granfondo characterised by the total absence of climbs, but demanding as a result of the speed and the wind.
The race takes cyclists through beautiful landscapes along one Italy’s longest cycle paths, between Emilia-Romagna and Veneto. A long ride that allows you to spend a weekend surrounded by art, history and sport, and to discover Ferrara with its medieval streets, its Renaissance palaces and its ancient castle, together with the grandeur and beauty of Italy’s most important river.

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Granfondo Davide Cassani

Faenza (RA) – March 2018

The GF Davide Cassani is a classic in the world of amateur Grandfondos, this year celebrating its 24th birthday.
The competition was originally created with the intent to promote and develop the passion for cycling in young riders, particularly among children and those in the “very young” category.
Over time, the competition has involved all biking enthusiasts and in fact the race hosts hundreds of participants from all over Europe. The Granfondo offers two routes with departure at 9:30 AM and arrival in Faenza: the 120 km Granfondo with an altitude difference of 2,211 metres and an 85 km medio fondo / medium distance route with an altitude difference of 1,533 metres.

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Granfondo tra Valli e Delizie, città di Portomaggiore

Portomaggiore (FE) – March 2018

The former “Granfondo Comacchio e le sue Valli”, falls in the group of 6 non-competitive events that make up the “Giro dell’Appennino Bolognese e delle Valli di Comacchio” circuit.
The “Giro dell’Appennino Bolognese e delle Valli di Comacchio” is characterised by “French departures”, allowing cyclists to start off freely within a specific timeframe, riding safely without the dangers of crowding and falls typical of competitive Granfondo starts. That which prevails is the desire to ride surrounded by the beautiful landscapes and the panorama offered throughout the province of Ferrara, along quiet roads, far away from city traffic.

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Granfondo “Città di Riccione”

Riccione (RN) – April 2018

The Granfondo “Città di Riccione” was established with the objective to involve biking enthusiasts in an itinerary that goes in search of the most beautiful and evocative places between Romagna and Marche.
An event that also wishes to serve as a fun occasion for the whole family, crossing through the Aquafan amusement park in Riccione.

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Granfondo le cime di Romagna

Cervia (RA) – April 2018

Non-competitive granfondo that serves as the 2nd TRIAL of the “ROMAGNA CIRCUIT” and the 3rd Trial of the “Circuito Tricolore di Granfondo Cicloturistiche”.
The objective of the event is to enhance the Romagna territory, allowing riders and fans to discover and appreciate challenging climbs including Passo Peschiera, Passo Eremo and Monte Busca or unique landscapes of the hinterland such as Tredozio, Modigliana and Rocca San Casciano.

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Granfondo del Sale Selle Italia

Cervia (RA) – May 2018

The Granfondo del Sale is suitable for all cyclists, thanks to the 4 different types of routes that embrace the sea, the hills, the climbs and the descents, a long race covering a distance of 150 km, a medium 107 km race, a short 77 km race and a 40 km “gourmet itinerary”.
Long route: 4 climbs and an altitude difference of 1,300 metres. For cyclists who possess the strength and energy for a long ride full of excitement and emotions. Since last year, the itinerary has been enriched with the special “Cima Pantani” time trial challenge, to be experienced in 60 seconds.

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Granfondo degli Squali

Cattolica (RN) – May 2018

Beautiful Granfondo which offers two charming routes along the Adriatic coast, between Romagna and Marche.
The departure is scheduled for 8:00 AM from the Aquarium in Cattolica, with arrival in Gabicce Monte, within the beautiful Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo.
Cyclists will ride along roads that alternated from green hilly landscapes to relaxing views of the blue sea and the coastal landscape, passing beautiful towns including Gradara, Urbino and Fiorenzuola di Focara.

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Granfondo Nove Colli

Cesenatico (FC), May 2018

The legendary “Nove Colli” is one of the most prestigious races in the world of international cycling. This year, the departure point is once again in Cesenatico, with riders making their way through the Romagna, following two routes which wind through the inland hills, one covering a distance of 200 km for professionals and a 130 km route for the less experienced.
The meeting point is at Porto Canale in Cesenatico at 5:00 AM, with departure at 6:00 AM and with cyclists divided into 7 grids corresponding to different colours, from red to blue, to green, thanks to the colourful race numbers worn by Nove Colli participants.

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Fondo del Capitano

Bagno di Romagna (FC), June 2018

Bagno di Romagna, famous thermal town in the Romagna Apennines and capital of cycling, welcomes this Granfondo, now a classic given that the race has been running for seven years. The Granfondo is open to all cyclists and offers two routes rich in history, sports, nature and hospitality.
The departure is scheduled for 8:00 AM, with the “pasta party” at Noon at the “Parco dell’Idropinica”, catered by chef Paolo Teverini.

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Granfondo Pantanissima

Cesenatico (FC), September 2018

The Granfondo Pantanissima could only take place in Cesenatico, Pantani’s home and the homeland of cycling enthusiasts.
The race includes two routes: a longer route covering a distance of 160 km and a shorter 110 km route, with exciting itineraries, as the spirit of biking should be. Roads that pass through sites deeply rooted in Romagna’s memory and history, between sea and mountains, just as the legendary “Pirate” used to love to do. Hundreds of participants from all over Europe will face the legendary streets ridden by Pantani, including the steep climbs of the Montevecchio ascent, passing by Pantani’s monument, or Passo del Carnaio, with switchbacks that challenged the “Pirate” on countless occasions.
Adrenaline mixed with emotions, with memories and, for the younger riders, the thrill of feeling a bit like the champion of cycling.

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