The lakes of Mount Comero

Recommended by: Hotel delle Terme Santa Agnese

Area: Forlì and Cesena

Difficulty: Low
Distance: 32 Km
Elevation gain: 769 m

Technical information

Low 32 Km 769 m

Recommended by: Hotel delle Terme Santa Agnese

Area: Forlì and Cesena

Route details


Bagno di Romagna- San Piero in Bagno – Laghetti – Lago Lungo- Lago Pontini- Laghetti del monte Comero – Lago peschiera -Lago di Acquapartita – Valbonella tourist centre – San Piero in Bagno – Bagno di Romagna

The first part of the route is slightly downhill on the cycle path as far as San Piero in Bagno. Here begins the most demanding part of the itinerary with climbs and slight descents, but the landscapes and extraordinary natural surroundings you’ll encounter are well worth the effort. All the lakes are located on the slopes of Mount Comero and are surrounded by luxuriant nature. Lago dei Pontini (748 m asl) and Lago Lungo (616 m asl) were formed by an enormous landslide. Around them is an ancient chestnut grove with many trees that are centuries-old. We will continue by climbing along a wide path until we reach the natural lake of Monte Testaccio and Lake Peschiera. We will then proceed along a forest track until we reach Acquapartita Lake, 800 metres above sea level, the largest of the lakes we will come across and a popular place to relax and go fishing. At this point the itinerary descends through woods and avenues until it joins the state road from which we will reach San Piero in Bagno and Bagno di Romagna.

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