Love, colour and history

Recommended by: EM|hotel Europa Monetti

Area: Rimini

Difficulty: Low
Distance: 47 Km
Elevation gain: 683 m

Technical information

Low 47 Km 683 m

Recommended by: EM|hotel Europa Monetti

Area: Rimini

Route details

A perfect blend of nature and history, the Via Panoramica is considered one of the 10 most beautiful roads in Italy. The blue of the sea below, and the green of the hills that descend to meet the sea are sensations and impressions that will envelop you and make the route feel like it is suspended above the sea.

This landscape will lead us all the way to Pesaro. The town is worth a visit with its delightful historic centre and easy route.

Not far away is the Castle of Gradara. A place of romance and tender feelings, it is also known as the castle of love, due to the legend of Paolo and Francesca, recounted by Dante in the Divine Comedy.

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