Cippo - Cima Pantani

Recommended by: Hotel Dory & Suite

Area: Rimini

Difficulty: High
Distance: 119 Km
Elevation gain: 2623 m

Technical information

High 119 Km 2623 m

Recommended by: Hotel Dory & Suite

Area: Rimini

Route details

The Cippo on Mount Carpegna was Marco Pantani’s training ground and has been the setting of several stages of the Giro d’Italia. The route is initially characterized by long climbs, ideal for warming up and admiring the Mount Carpegna Massif. Everything is designed to make the most of the Cippo climb, which reaches gradients of up to 15%.

“Carpegna is enough for me” was Marco Pantani’s motto that you will see written everywhere along the hairpin bends of the most famous climb of the Apennines, and one of the most famous in Italy.

A piece of Italian cycling history took place on these hairpin bends, and we will retrace it together. It’s not an easy climb, but once you reach the top, the feeling of satisfaction is priceless.

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