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Immersed in the lush green landscapes of the Tuscan Romagna, the town of Riolo Terme is an ideal place for relaxation and well-being, thanks to the tranquillity of its secular greenery and the services offered by the thermal baths, where visitors have the chance to regenerate their body and spirit in the salsobromoiodic waters or enjoy the benefits of the characteristic mud wellspring. Here, the landscape knows how to amaze even the most sceptical cyclists, who do not know this destination for the primordial beauty of the badlands, the imposing stratifications of the “Vena del Gesso” formations and those dug by the Senio river, but primarily for the cycling itineraries it offers, able to test the abilities of even the most technical and demanding riders.

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Passo Sambuca (ROAD)

Long and challenging route for experienced cyclists who wish to test or refine their physical preparation. The itinerary begins and finishes in Riolo Terme, with a total distance covered of 163 km and a total difference in altitude of 2,600 m. The route sets off towards Brisighella, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, a pearl set in the Vena del Gesso regional park.

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Tour of the 3 Mountains: Mount Albano, Mount Carnevale and Mount Beccugiano (ROAD)

Another itinerary for climbing enthusiasts to circle in red: a distance of approximately 80 km with a difference in altitude of over 1,500 m and start and finish from Riolo Terme. You will climb Monte Albano, Monte Carnival and Monte Beccugiano, double digit long climbs where you will certainly need to push hard on the pedals to find your rhythm. The forgiving slopes of the ascents also make this route suitable for less experienced cyclists, but in good physical condition. The itinerary passes through the villages of Zattaglia, Casola in the Senio Valley, Palazzuolo and Modiglia in the Tramazzo Valley (in the Tuscan Romagna region).

From Riolo to the Vena del Gesso (MTB)

The itinerary is not particularly difficult, thus offering an excellent starting point for anyone wishing to begin to test their skills along the many routes winding through the Tuscan-Romagna Apennine mountains. The hilly route covers a distance of 32 km, immersed between the badlands of the “Vena del Gesso” park and the Senio river, passing by Mount Mauro, Settefonti, Torre di Ceruno, Casola Valsenio and Borgo Rivola. There’s no shortage of a few very technical single-track sections with steps, jumps and shrubbery where it is recommended that you proceed with caution.

Mount Mauro (MTB)

Another itinerary for well-trained bikers: a distance of 40 km with a 1,200 m difference in altitude. The route starts from Riolo. After the river, you cross the ridge until reaching the paved road leading to Borgo Tossignano. Here, just before the village a trail on the left climbs almost to the top of the Prugno. You continue along the ridge and then downhill until the Casola state road, where another climb is in store along a dirt road leading to Mount Albano and then down again until making your way back to Riolo. The first part of this itinerary will be a “warm-up” for the second section, more challenging, more technical, where you will have the opportunity to really bring out your best biker skills.

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