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Charming hills and gentle slopes rich in history and tradition frame the 8 km of coastline, offering everything from beaches and the sea to sports, shopping, trendy bars and parks. Starting from the coast and heading towards the Apennine foothills, visitors will be welcomed by 16th century villages and groves of olive trees, medieval fortresses and gorges, at one time strategic, vineyards and cobblestone streets that draw unique landscapes to be enjoyed by bike.

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Hotel Adlon
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Hotel Gemma
MORE Hotel Gemma ***
Hotel Sarti
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Hotel Poker
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Hotel Fedora
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Hotel Gambrinus
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• Where to ride in Riccione•

The Furlo Gorge

From the sea to the Apennines, from the Adriatic coast to the hinterland in the Urbino region, climbs and descents through villages and medieval fortresses, an itinerary for true gladiators up to the rugged beauty of the Furlo Gorge, along the tracks of the Flaminia, that links Rome to the Adriatic coast.
From Riccione to Morciano the road is flat, just enough time to break through the pain barrier before beginning the climb to Tavoletto, passing through Montefiore, along a stretch of approximately 13 km of ascent.

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The Sangiovese

For those who are tired of taking on challenging climbs, the Sangiovese tour is right for you. The ideal combination between land and sports, between tradition and modernity, passing through S. Patrignano, Coriano, Mercatino Conca and San Giovanni in Marignano, through a continuous succession of dense vegetation, olive groves and vineyards.
The refined and floral scent of the Sangiovese and that of the villages, contrasted by the ruby colour of the SanguisJovis, blood of Jupiter (name given by a Capuchin monk from the Convent of Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna) to the lush green hills and the rich brown colour of the soil. All these, characteristics that can be “tasted” in the famous Sangiovese wine.

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Along the ridges of the Gothic Line (MTB)

Set in the midst of vineyards, fields of wheat, olive groves and unpaved roads, where once bloody battles were fought between British troops and German soldiers entrenched around the village of Gemmano, strategic point for opening the road towards Rimini, this challenge (suitable for all skill levels) will take you deep into the territory of Coriano, San Clemente and Montecolombo. Just 22 km with an altitude difference of 1,455 m. We never reach more than 200 m above sea level and only 5 km will be travelled on asphalt roads.
However, it is better not to underestimate the challenge… The frequent and sudden changes of pace can take their toll, together with the climb for Capannino, with an average gradient at 4.7% and peaks up to 20%.
Even the Casiccio descent will test your technical skills.

The Marano Park (MTB)

This challenge winds through rolling hills, sweeping valleys and rounded hilltops rich in vegetation, along the ridge that leads from the Marano River Park to the restored Albereto Castle, almost on the border with the Republic of San Marino.
The first part of the itinerary is a continuous climb, followed by the descent on the cycle path along the stream, up to the Park. We pass through the municipalities of Coriano and Montescudo, biking almost entirely off road, within the grounds of the Park. From Cesenatico, the itinerary covers a distance of approximately 60 km with an altitude difference of less than 1,000 m.
There are many off road stretches inside the Park, so be ready because this challenge is suitable for all skill levels, even less experienced bikers.

• Best tours nearby Riccione •

Circuit of 3 Regions
MORE Circuit of 3 Regions
Difficulty Difficulty Hard
Distance Distance 157km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 2000mt
Sea, hills and sea again
MORE Sea, hills and sea again
Difficulty Difficulty Medium
Distance Distance 85km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 900mt
The Sangiovese circuit
MORE The Sangiovese circuit
Difficulty Difficulty Easy
Distance Distance 65km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 600mt
The Furlo Gorge
MORE The Furlo Gorge
Difficulty Difficulty Hard
Distance Distance 151km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 2200mt
Porcini mushroom circuit
MORE Porcini mushroom circuit
Difficulty Difficulty Hard
Distance Distance 105km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 1850mt
The Montefeltro Circuit
MORE The Montefeltro Circuit
Difficulty Difficulty Medium
Distance Distance 135km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 1100mt
Climbers’ circuit no. 1
MORE Climbers’ circuit no. 1
Difficulty Difficulty Very hard
Distance Distance 100km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 1750mt

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We are located in Emilia Romagna, region bordered by Veneto and the beautiful cities of Venice and Padua to the North, and by Tuscany, Umbria and Marche to the South, offering charming cities such as Florence, Perugia, Assisi and Urbino.

We are characterised by a concentration of adrenaline, traditions and typical cuisine, captured in the most beautiful tours that touch sites on the Adriatic coast such as Cesenatico, the land of Pantani, and reach all the way to Ferrara and Ravenna, cities of art and history, passing through rugged ascents such as those of Cippo and Carpegna, or the Cimone in Modena.

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