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Predappio will amaze, starting with the Forlì Apennine foothills along the Rabbi Valley, and must be enjoyed as a multi-sensory experience. Climbs, descents, passing from the green of the hills to the brown of the earth; from the red of Sangiovese wine to the white of the truffles. The challenges in the area never disappoint, where at every turn an unexpected landscape of infinite beauty opens up before you. Grab your bike, close the history books and come explore Predappio.

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Predappio on two wheels is flat, but it’s also up-and-down. It’s downhill, but there are also long uphill stretches. You had better forget about the summits that reach upwards of 1,500 m.a.s.l., because in Predappio and the surrounding areas elevations barely hit 1,000 m.a.s.l. These routes represent the Classics for cyclists in the area, such as the one that leads to Bertinoro – the terrace of the Romagna region – or the one that covers a stretch of the legendary Gran Fondo Nove Colli, which annually attracts more than 10,000 participants from all over the world.

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Exploring the Terrace of Romagna: Bertinoro

Bertinoro, known as the terrace of Romagna, is an old town with mediaeval origins whose position atop Mount Cesubeo affords unsurpassed views. There are numerous ways to reach this classic destination for lovers of two wheels, but we recommend the most well-known (from Forlimpopoli) as it’s covered during the Gran Fondo Nove Colli.

The route which takes you from Predappio to Bertinoro winds along mostly flat roads. From kilometre zero take provincial road SP9 Ter, Viale della Costituzione and state highway SS9 to Forlimpopoli. Here the climb begins: 5 km of good road up to the town where the gradient reaches 11%. Traverse Ospedaletto, take the Fratta turnoff followed by the Capocolle and Piazzetta turnoffs.

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Tour of the Three Passes: Centoforche, Tre Faggi and Muraglione

A demanding route of about 120 km which, from the summit of Centoforche to Muraglione, is full of hairpin turns and climbs. Start in Predappio and take SP9 Ter for about 10 km until you reach Castrocaro Terme. From here follow the signage to Dovadola and Rocca San Casciano; the latter lies in the valley of the Montone River.

We strongly recommend stopping once you reach Rocca San Casciano, the crossroad between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. Continue on to Galeata and San Zeno. After a short distance, a climb of medium difficulty begins, which in 6 km will take you to the Centoforche hilltop (551 m.a.s.l.). Only a few stretches at a 10% gradient will put you to the test.

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Pieve di Rivoschio and Polenta

You can forget about long, flat stretches in this challenge; it’s about 90 km of continuous climbing and descending. From Predappio take SP126 following the signage for Meldola. Having passed the town, proceed towards Borello, Pieve di Rivoschio: ten undulating kilometres followed by the first climb, consisting of 5 km of long but easy turns, within a succession of steep stretches interspersed with mild gradients. The last kilometre is a sharp climb on an unfavourable road surface.

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Tour of the Past in the Present

Covering 55 km, this tour explores places of historical interest such as Galeata, Civitella di Romagna and Cusercoli. The low mileage also makes it a good opportunity for inexperienced or less-trained cyclists who nonetheless love physical activity. In fact a 39×23 will do.

Set out from Predappio in the direction of Galeata – first taking SP9 Ter and then SP24 – on a long climb up to Monte delle Forche (444 m.a.s.l.). Head down the fast and hazard-free descent to Galeata, then proceed to Civitella di Romagna on the Girone hillside.

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert biker or a beginner, in Predappio and the surrounding areas there’s an itinerary to suit your character and energy levels, ranging from the Passo della Braccina climb to the Monte Bruchelle dirt trail. There’s also the Sentiero degli Alpini, known as trail CAI (Italian Alpine Club) 313, which leads to the summit of Monte Tiravento.

Short or marathon routes, singletrack trails and dirt trails; they have all been designed for your enjoyment in contact with nature.

Monte Bruchelle

This itinerary is short (21 km) but rich in terms of the landscape. Head off from Predappio in the direction of Tontola. In San Savino, after having passed the little bridge, turn left at the house numbered 39; the dirt road that leads to Mount Bruchelle (551 m.a.s.l) starts here. This climb has alternating stretches of woodlands and cultivated fields, and is suitable for everyone.

Shortly before the summit, follow the signage for Sentiero degli Alpini, turn left and then right, going along the little trail that leads back down. You can choose whether to return to Predappio via the route leading to the San Cassiano monumental cemetery, or pass by Rocca delle Caminate, which is only 4 km from Predappio.

Passo della Braccina

Located at a 957 m.a.s.l. elevation, the Passo della Braccina connects Corniolo to Monte Premilcuore by way of the National Park of Casentino Forests. From the town of Corniolo head towards Premilcuore. In just over 3 km of asphalt road you’ll reach the Valbonella Botanical Garden, with a picnic area for those who want to face the climb in a leisurely manner.

Skirt the natural fauna reserve for a short while until you reach the Belvedere di Bertone, where you can enjoy a sweeping panorama of the Valdonasso pass and the nearby Monte Guffone. The pass is 5.8 km away, but be aware that the climb is not an easy one: 402 m elevation gain and an average gradient of 6.9%.

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Sentiero degli Alpini

If you want to continually put yourself to the test and you can never get enough climbs or kilometres, then this itinerary is for you. The Sentiero degli Alpini route is not a walk in the park: 54.4 km starting at 100 m.a.s.l in Collina above Forlì, extending along a secondary ridge between the Rabbi and Bidente rivers, and ending on Monte Falco at a 1,658 m.a.s.l. elevation with a 1,558 m elevation gain.

The trail waymarks consist of heat-branded wooden arrows with red and white stripes, which allow you to ride in safety and serenity. We recommend occasionally lifting your gaze from the front wheel to admire the places of rare beauty and the stillness of nature.

Monte Tiravento

This itinerary of about 21 km consists of climbs and descents, with a 1,177 m elevation gain. It starts in Premilcuore, about 26 km from Predappio. Having climbed towards the town centre, take the 317 trail which skirts the Rabbi River towards Fiumicello. Undulating stretches are mixed with alternating tracts of asphalt and “strade bianche” dirt roads. The gradient increases here. After a series of turns and curves, proceed to the “Finestrona”, or enormous window, and cast your gaze over the valley below.

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The Predappio area is perfect for those who want to combine physical activity with the pleasure of exploring a new place in a novel way. From the Terra del Sole and the Rocca delle Caminate, to experiencing the fine flavours of Sangiovese wine and white truffles of Dovadola. Here, where the landscape’s natural characteristics and flavours have remained unchanged over time, the routes are suitable for everyone and should be experienced with family and friends.

Terra del Sole

Take your time to enjoy this 45 km challenge across the softly rolling hills, passing through mediaeval villages, “ideal” Renaissance cities and fortresses. Head off from Predappio, first in the direction of Castrocaro Terme and then towards Terra del Sole, or Heliopolis (City of the Sun), located behind the Tuscany-Romagna Apennine mountain range and in front of the final offshoots of the Po Valley, which extends to the sea. Here you cannot but admire the mystique of the fortified city, surrounded by 13-metre-high walls and towered over by two castles: in defence of the Florentine village on one side, and the Roman village on the other.

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Gourmet Delights Through the Valleys

History, nature and taste are the hallmarks of this “gourmet” challenge. Here, the pleasure of riding through the verdant Sangiovese hills is perfectly matched with the local culinary delights, ranging from wild boar meat to the fine white truffles of Dovadola. A challenge that engages all the senses.

Kilometre zero is in Predappio in the direction of Castrocaro Terme, first along SP9 Ter and SP57, then through a succession of effortless climbs and descents. At around the 8 km point the road begins to rise more sharply for about 2 km, with regular gradients and short stretches at 9%.

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Montone Fluvial Park

For this challenge you’ll have to move slightly out of Predappio, but you won’t be disappointed. Particularly suitable for families and those who love getting close to unspoiled nature, you’ll cycle through a captivating trail system along the Montone River, which joins Forlì and Castrocaro.

Start from the Forlì Urban Park, and just beyond the fence take a right to descend in the direction of Castrocaro. Proceed along the trail, skirting the riverbank until you reach a small road where you turn right, crossing a boom gate. Continue for the full length of Via Palazzina up to Via Firenze, shortly after which you turn on to Via delle Vigne, reaching the little Rovere Church.

Our only piece of advice for this challenge is to stop for a peaceful picnic. The total distance for the round trip is slightly under 25 km.

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