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Cervia, custodian of one of the most important mosaic heritages in the world, is situated on the Adriatic coast, 20 km from Ravenna. Here, the encounter between the sea, its beaches and the secular pinewoods of the natural park, offers a great deal of appeal for visitors of all kinds, including those who love to immerse themselves in the silence and beauty of nature. A variety of itineraries set off from Cervia, which will satisfy even the most demanding cyclists in search of challenging routes, to test their physical as well as their technical abilities (such as the routes of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines).

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From the sea to the hills of the inland (ROAD)

For those brimming with energy and the strength to ride, the route that we have selected is sure to satisfy their thirst for covering many kilometres on the bike: a distance of 150 km with a 1,300 m difference in altitude. The route starts and finishes in Cervia, with long stretches in the plains, as well as a number of climbs. Riders will in fact face four ascents: Montecavallo, Ciola, Montevecchio and Paderno, all concentrated in the central part of the route. Around kilometre 35, once you have left behind the town of Meldola, a succession of climbs and descents begins. You will pass through Linaro, Borello and San Vittore.

From Cervia to Bertinoro, the “Balcony” of Romagna (ROAD)

This loop connects Cervia to Bertinoro (FC), bringing together the sea and the hills. An itinerary covering a distance of approximately 60 km with departure from Cervia, across plains and roads characterised by steep inclines and descents, ideal for cyclists with a good level of training. The beautiful medieval town of Bertinoro, known as the “balcony of Romagna” thanks to the splendid views that can be enjoyed from the top of the village, is definitely worth a stop.

An itinerary for discovering ancient pinewoods (MTB)

A fairly simple itinerary that will give you the chance to discover the secular Cervia-Milano Marittima pinewood. The route covers a distance of 24 km through the forested areas of the Po Delta Park, offering stunning scenery, particularly in the spring and early summer months. An itinerary well suited to less trained and experienced cyclists, who will enjoy stretches on asphalt, bike paths and trails immersed in pinewoods.

From Cervia to Ravenna, the cradle of Byzantine mosaics (MTB)

A pleasant 58 km flat route suitable for less trained legs, departing from Cervia and arriving in Ravenna, city of art and guardian of marvellous mosaics and a rich cultural heritage.

The itinerary is quite impressive, making its way through the pine forests and nature reserves of the Po Delta Park, between pinewood trails, bike paths and gravel roads to reach the centre of Ravenna.

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