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In dialect pronounced as “Catòlga”, to everyone else it is known as the town of Cattolica. Whatever we may call it, there is no doubt that we are talking about the “Queen of the Adriatic”, a small fishing village that has managed to make virtue out of necessity, thanks to the dedication of the small community of fishermen and boatmen, which has formed and developed in symbiosis with the Adriatic.
Its hinterland, however, will bring you back in time, to the centuries when these lands stirred with bitter disputes among the local Lords, the Montefeltro and the Malatesta Seigniories, a collection of ancient castles, impregnable towers, inaccessible walls and natural terraces offering breathtaking scenery.

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Misano Adriatico
Hotel Queen Mary
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Hotel Onda Marina
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Misano Adriatico
Hotel Ancora
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Hotel Gambrinus Mare
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• Where to ride in Cattolica and Misano •

The Panoramica

Imagine a winding road, surrounded by hills covered in pine forests, fragrant linden trees and yellow broom bushes, natural terraces that direct the gaze to wonder, lower, not far away, over the intense blue of the sea: this is the Panoramica, road that stretches from Gabicce to Pesaro in a succession of ups and downs, of twists and turns.
And it is here, along these gentle curves, that Valentino Rossi developed his skills, on a stage of infinite motorsport challenges that have engaged generations of fans.

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The Fortresses and the Castles of the Malatesta Seigniory

The Malatesta Seigniory … who are they you ask? The Malatesta House ruled the territory of Rimini and the surrounding area for approximately three centuries, from the end of the 1200‘s to the mid 1500’s. Surrounded by a picturesque and rugged landscape, offering views of towers, fortresses, castles and tranquil cobbled streets.
This challenge is not particularly difficult and covers a distance of approximately 100 km, with four climbs and some up and down stretches (a 39×25 may come in handy for a number of ascents).

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Gradara and Monte San Bartolo (MTB)

Trained and experienced bikers should circle this challenge in red: a distance of 40 km to an altitude of 1,211 m through the Park of Montalbano, San Giovanni in Marignano, Gradara, the Monte San Bartolo Park trails, Baia Vallugola and Gabicce.
Certainly, there is no shortage of historical treasures, such as the fortress of Gradara, dating back to the 14th century, surrounded by a double defensive wall, a place of pleasant delights since ancient times, which have inspired it to be known as the “grata aura” (good air). But also memorable landscapes: dense woods, trails leading to the valley floor, cycling paths along the Conca river, hills dominating the valleys that open over the sea, blue skies tinged in ochre, and the lush green surrounding countryside.
We will tackle challenging gradients along the ascent to Gradara (maximum slopes of 10%) and in the climb to Monte San Bartolo with steep slopes up to 20%. It is best to also pay attention during the descents as the slopes continue to be quite steep.

The tour of the two Mountains (MTB)

Here is an ideal testing ground for bikers who wish to confront a demanding route of average difficulty with rugged slopes: a distance of 30 km with an altitude difference of 1,739 m. The tour departs from Montecerignone, just below the village fortress built during the 12th century by Buonconte of Montefeltro.
We climb towards the “shrine of the blessed Dominic”, and, after passing through a beautiful stretch of woods, still travelling uphill, we arrive at the foot of Villagrande. From here, riding along the road, we make our way to the Magnone Valley where a very technical descent full of challenging potholes and rocks takes us to the Conca river.

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• Best tours nearby Cattolica and Misano •

The Raphael Circuit
MORE The Raphael Circuit
Difficulty Difficulty Medium
Distance Distance 100km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 1200mt
“Sea-loving” panoramic route
MORE “Sea-loving” panoramic route
Difficulty Difficulty Easy
Distance Distance 107km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 650mt
The Olive Oil Circuit
MORE The Olive Oil Circuit
Difficulty Difficulty Very hard
Distance Distance 90km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 1200mt
Castles and Fortresses of the Malatestas  (via Monte Luro)
MORE Castles and Fortresses of the Malatestas (via Monte Luro)
Difficulty Difficulty Medium
Distance Distance 121km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 1550mt
Valleys of the Marche
MORE Valleys of the Marche
Difficulty Difficulty Medium
Distance Distance 78km
Elevation gain Elevation gain 900mt

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