Bellaria Igea Marina

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This quaint fishing village becomes the gateway of the Riviera.

The Romagna Riviera starts here among the typical piadina locales, the beach cabins and the grid-patterned streets of Bellaria Igea Marina, a playground of games on the sand, a canal harbour and a 17th-century Saracen Tower built to help withstand invasions from the sea. Bellaria Igea Marina was founded as a fortified farm around 1359. The settlement later became a fishing village at the mouth of the Uso river, to eventually transform itself into a modern seaside resort where boredom is banned, and the fresh sea air mingles with the fragrant smell of the tamarisk shrubs.

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Bellaria Igea Marina

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Bellaria Igea Marina


From the beach resorts to the pre-Apennine hills. Two worlds seemingly distant, yet, from Bellaria Igea Marina, easy to connect with a few kilometres of warmup on your bike. As you pedal, the Adriatic Sea slowly becomes a blue spot. Stillness takes the place of the murmur of the sea. The wheels point towards a hinterland rich in history, narrated through medieval villages, fortresses, ancient mills, mansions dating back to the Lordship of the Malatesta family, nestled in the Montefeltro region.
This is also a highly coveted cycling territory, the cradle of one of the best-loved granfondos in Italy, the Nove Colli or the Granfondo di Cesenatico, which at the end of May attracts thousands of cyclists from around the world.


The “Mini 9 Colli”

For super fit cyclists, the hinterland of Bellaria Igea Marina offers a 135 km route with a difference in altitude of 2,600 m, here known as the “Mini 9 Colli”, a title that gives a small wink to the Granfondo di Cesenatico. Its flagship is the Barbotto climb, short but intense, made for true climbers: 5 km of Appennino of which the last, a truly looming climb, challenges riders with an average gradient of 14% and 18% peaks. From Bellaria we head towards Savignano sul Rubicone, Borghi and Sogliano, encountering the first hills and a slight uphill around the 15th kilometre. We ride towards Strigara, Saliceto and Santa Maria Riopetra to the SS 71 junction in Montegelli from which in the distance we even catch a glimpse of Tuscany. In Mercato Saraceno we make our way through the village and across the bridge over the Savio river, to take on the challenge of the legendary Barbotto, a trail for true climbers.

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Bellaria Igea Marina


Even gravel and mountain biking loyalists will find something to sink their teeth into in Bellaria Igea Marina. We leave Bellaria following the dirt embankments of the Uso river, which keeps us company for approximately 8 km up to San Mauro Pascoli. From here we continue towards Santarcangelo di Romagna where we intersect and follow the dirt cycle path along the Marecchia river, a pleasant green trail for discovering the quaint inland villages, until we reach Novafeltria. In this little town nestled in the Montefeltro region, crude sandstone “pits” are still in use, with wooden hatches where, between July and August cheese wheels covered in straw “nests” are buried.
The locales in Novafeltria will give you the opportunity to enjoy this local delicacy in flakes of creamed, full of flavour and pungent to the smell. We leave refreshed, with no need for energy bars. On the way back, those who want to extend the route all the way to Sogliano al Rubicone, the true cradle of “fossa” cheese and caves already in use during the Malatesta rule, will be able to choose among the numerous dirt trails that lead to Roncofreddo, Monteleone and Montiano, in the upper Montefeltro region. We finally make our way back to the coastal resorts passing through Savignano sul Rubicone.



From Bellaria we take the road that runs parallel to the beach resorts, heading north-west. After Cesenatico, approximately 7 km into our route, we reach the Pinarella pinewood, which can be crossed along a nice dirt trail immersed in the green landscape. After making our way past Cervia with its historic salt pans (we can coast the Cervia Saltworks Park with a small detour from the main route), we enter the “Duna Costiera Ravennate and Foce Torrente Bevano” Reserve, a protected wetland area and a transit stop for many species of migratory birds. The dirt road continues up to Lido di Dante, accessible by wooden walkways that cross the river. We make our way back along the same route for a total distance of approximately 75 km of flat land.


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